Portable Russian Arm Cinema Crane System


Built-in Active Gyro Stabilization System.
Lightweight Modular Design.
Usable at up to 90 Miles per Hour.
Innovative use of Carbon Fiber to Reduce Weight
Assemble with Two Grips in 30 Minutes.
State of the Art Operation and Control.
Industry Leading Safety Monitoring Systems.
Compatible with the Ronin 2 and Most 3-Axis Cine Camera Gimbal Stabilizers.

Introduction Video

Technical Specifications

65% Carbon Fiber, remainder Aluminium Alloy
Self-Stabilizing High Performance Active Gyroscope Technology
55 lbs. Payload Weight
Weight: 360 lbs.
Top Speed 90MPH
Custom Adapters for use with Industry Standard Gimbals
Industrial Strength Suction Cups with 265 lbs. of Suction Weight Each
Arm Dips Below Ground Level by 18 inches
Highest point is dependent on the type of vehicle being used
Mitchell Mount Head
Uses In-Car Power Source
+360° Rotation
Smooth 360° Rotation in 4.5 Seconds

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