Introducing Hydra-Arm

The ultimate cinema camera crane

Hydra-Arm is the Russian Arm of the future. More portable, lightweight, and within reach for more filmmakers than ever. RSVP and join us for our next Hydra-Arm test experience.

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State of the art operation and control

Powered from the vehicle and controlled wirelessly by one or two operators, the Hydra-Arm is the most flexible and powerful Russian Arm cinema crane on the market.

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Assembles with two grips in 30 minutes.

Spend more time shooting and less time prepping. The Hydra-Arm is simple to construct and usable with any vehicle.

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  • Built-in self stabilization
  • Lightweight, carbon fiber warm weighs approximately 175 lbs
  • Maximum payload: 55 lbs
  • Tilt axis' full range of up and down movement: 35 degrees
  • Pan axis' full circumference range: 24 ft
  • Fully rotates 360 degrees in 5 seconds
  • Compatible with Ronin 2. Movi XL, Flight Head Mini 3, Shotover G1, etc.

Rear Seat Solution

  • Unique seat support solution allows for a variety of uses.
  • The robust fold-down working table height is adjustable via the built-in dovetail-style mounting system
  • Features several 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points on the fold-down table and head rest plate to allow you to mount a variety of accessories.
  • The monitor support arm features a highly adjustable design to allow you to view the video feed from the most comfortable position.

Operating Seat Solution

  • The arm mimics the movement of the operator's control handle
  • Features a comfortable, ergonomic design
  • The control handle can be operated with either or both of your hands
  • The height of the control handle can be adjusted. Features a damping design that returns the handle back to its original position.
  • Features and independent fuse wire protection that shuts down the power to the arm immediately in case of emergency.